What if when you shopped and bought your gifts, trinkets for yourself and family, or paper crafting items a portion of that money went to your cause?

What if you could do just that at paper & i?

What if it was this easy? *

  1. Set up a date and time for your non-profit group, friends, and family to shop at our store.
  2. During that shopping period 10% of total sales goes to the charity of your choice.
  3. It’s that simple, we help set it up, and at the end of the event we send you an email with the total amount being donated and mail the check directly to the charity of your choice.
  4. *Proof of non-profit/charity is required

What if you contact us today and set up your giving, for your cause?

Reach us via:   269-781-8200

Thanks for giving right along with us,

Audrey, Owner of paper & i