My name is Lela, I am a high school senior.

"assisting customers at paper & i"

Hi! My name is Ploen (pronounced Plurn) and I am an exchange student from Thailand. I am fifteen and I volunteer to help paper & i every Tuesday. Apart from being around a super great host family and friends in Marshall, 

​I spend many of my days at the store but my free time is all about family. I am so lucky to have a very helpful husband. We also have two awesome adult children, who are busy building their lives;  they are very supportive of the business! In my free time I love gardening, cooking & baking, decorating, Lake Michigan, and reading before bedtime.

I like to create 3 dimensional art pieces, such as metal tiaras and paper mache. I also enjoy cooking, baking, and sewing. Looking forward to working at paper & i.

Hi my name is Audrey and I am the owner of paper & i.

which pretty much sums up our store. Shopping and supporting local has always been my passion so working in the small historic town of Marshall is perfect for me.

I am happy to be surrounded by Copic and pretty paper. I also like using creativity to make craft too!

"I love to help Audrey at the store after school."

Our Staff

Hi my name is Macie and I go to Albion College. I have always loved art and being creative and I really wanted a job that would allow me to express this side of myself. Being in college can be stressful and I’m so glad that I can work somewhere that helps me relieve some of it. I look forward to meeting and

"I love stationery, gifts, crafting, and people"

"I enjoy crafting from paper crafts to embroidering"